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The Environmental Protection Agency manages the national ambient air quality monitoring network. We also measure the levels of a number of atmospheric pollutants.he pollutants of most concern are those whose main source is traffic such as Particulate Matter and Nitrogen Dioxide.

Under the Clean Air for Europe Directive, EU member states must designate "Zones" for the purpose of managing air quality. For Ireland, four zones were defined in the Air Quality Standards Regulations (2011). The zones were amended on 1 January 2013 to take account of population counts from the 2011 CSO Census and to align with the coal restricted areas in the 2012 Regulations (S.I. No. 326 of 2012).

The Environmental Protection Agency's Air Quality Index for Health (AQIH) is a number from one to 10 that tells you what the air quality currently is in your region and whether or not this might affect the health of you or your child. A reading of 10 means the air quality is very poor and a reading of one to three inclusive means that the air quality is good. The AQIH is calculated every hour.

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Data available for download

  • • AIR Monitoring Stations;
  • • AIR Coal Restricted Areas;
  • • AIR Quality for Health Regions;
  • • AIR EMEP Monitoring Stations;
  • • AIR Zones;
  • • National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Sites.

Files are presented as zipped ESRI Shapefiles.

The AIR Monitoring Stations.shp details the location of 81 air monitoring locations, Past and Current (point data).

The AIR Coal Restricted Areas.shp details 26 town areas where coal restrictions apply (polygon data).

The AIR Quality for Health Regions details the 6 regions that the country has been classified under (polygon data).

The AIR EMEP Monitoring Stations detail the location of 10 EMEP monitoring locations, Active and Inactive (point data).

The AIR Zones detail the 4 zones that the country has been calssified under (polygon dataset).

The National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Sites are those Air monitoring sites that are current and identified in each region (point dataset).

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