Urban Waste Water Treatment Agglomeration Boundaries

Urban waste-water is the liquid wastes deriving from domestic, commercial and industrial activities of an urban settlement (Source RRDA). All discharges to the aquatic environment from sewerage systems owned, managed and operated by water service authorities will require a waste water discharge license or certificate of authorisation from the EPA. This dataset shows the extent of the agglomeration boundaries submitted by the licensee via their license application to the EPA.

The boundaries are based on the maps provided in the EPA’s Waste Water Discharge Applications (WWDA).

The register provides a publicly accessible and searchable database which members of the public can use to search for Irish installations which are releasing External link PRTR pollutants in excess of specific thresholds or making off-site transfers of waste above specified thresholds for non-hazardous and hazardous wastes.

Each polygon feature contains a direct link to the document containing the map used in the creation of that agglomeration. Where a map is not provided or where the map is unclear, the boundary is estimated based on an interpretation of the current sewerage area, Corine urban area or OSI Discovery series/OSI large scale mapping.

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What is in the download?

Files are presented as zipped ESRI Shapefile.

  • • UWWT_Agglomerations.shp;

The 'UWWT_Agglomerations' shapefile is an ESRI Shapefile of polygon data. This dataset contains 1075 urban waste water treatment plants agglomeration boundaries.

A RegCD field is included to show the site’s individual code when the site was registered and licensed by the EPA. The data includes site name, date entry and data source reference.