The Environmental Noise Directive, EC 2002/49/EC, was transposed into Irish Law as Statutory Instrument, S.I. 1401 of 2006, Environmental Noise Regulation 2006. The Directive requires Member States to prepare and publish, every 5 years, noise maps and noise management action plans. The data represented here for download is the 2006 phase of noise mapping, representing the first round of the implementation of the EC Directive 2002/49/EC.

All noise maps are presented in terms of Decibel Value (DB).

Strategic noise maps related data as listed in Annex VI for major roads, railways, airports and agglomerations:

  1. Per agglomeration ≥ 100,000 inhabitants;
  2. For overall major roads ≥ 3 millions vehicles per year;
  3. For overall major railways ≥ 30,000 trains per year;
  4. For major airports ≥ 50,000 air traffic movements per year.
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What is in the download?

Files are presented as Esri Shapefiles, and include Metadata XML documents (.txt) and Layer Symbology files:

  • • Noise_Rd1_Airport.shp;
  • • Noise_Rd1_Rail.shp;
  • • Noise_Rd1_Road.shp;
  • • NOISE_Rd1_DublinAgglom.shp;

  • • NOISE_Rd1_RailData.lyr;
  • • NOISE_Rd1_AirportData.lyr;
  • • NOISE_Rd1_NRAData.lyr;

  • • NOISE_Round1_MetadataLinks.txt;

The Noise shapefiles represent noise band polygons.

This data includes: DbValue, Location and GRIDCODE.