EPA Licenced Integrated Pollution Control Facilities

The EPA has been licensing certain activities since 1994. IPC licensing is governed by the Environmental Protection Agency Act 1992 as amended. IPC licences aim to prevent or reduce emissions to air, water and land, reduce waste and use energy/resources efficiently. An IPC licence is a single integrated licence which covers all emissions from the facility and its environmental management. All related operations that the licence holder carries in connection with the activity are controlled by this licence.

Search for an IPC application or licence using the IE/IPC Licence Search facility.

The material on the following search pages includes summary details of licence applications and certain related documents in electronic PDF format. At present, PDF documents available online include:

  1. All licences granted to-date;
  2. Applications received by the EPA since 1 December 2004;
  3. A limited number of applications received by the EPA before December 2004.
  4. Annual Environmental Reports for 2008 onwards.

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What is in the download?

Files are presented as zipped ESRI Shapefiles.

  • • LicensedFacilities_IPC_03042017.shp;

The LicensedFacilities_IPC_03042017.shp is an ESRI Shapefile of (point data). This dataset contains 250 licenced IPC facilities.

The EPA Licensed IPPC Facilities shapefile shows point locations of either the entrance or centroid of facilities ever licensed by the EPA.

A Licence Status field is included to show whether the site is Licensed or if the licence was Surrendered.

Current IPC licence End Dates are given.

The data includes name, address and principal activity information as it stands on the date of issue, but as licences are living documents the details of a license can change over time. The most up to date and complete information source about status, compliance and activities relating to a licence are available from the licence search. Registration numbers (RegNo field) do not change and can be used to access the licence from the licence search page.

The Principal Code of Activity for each facility is provided witin the dataset.

Read the full list of activities that come within the scope of the First Schedule to the EPA Act 1992 as amended. A flow chart is available which gives a summary of the process for Integrated Pollution Control licensing.