Extractive Industries Register

The Extractive Industries Register allows authorised users, Local Authorities and EPA, to create a national register of Extractive Industries as required under the Waste Management (Management of Waste from the Extractive Industries) Regulations 2009 (S.I. No. 566 of 2009).

The site allows Local Authorities to notify the EPA of any events under Regulation 11(3) or 12(6), and make a request for assistance under Regulation 9(2) of S.I. No. 566 of 2009.

Open access for the public to view the information on the register as required under the European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations 2007 (S.I. No. 133 of 2007) using the Search facility.

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What is in the download?

Files are presented as zipped ESRI Shapefiles.

  • • ExtractiveIndustriesRegister_29102015.shp;

The ExtractiveIndustriesRegister_29102015.shp is an ESRI Shapefile of (point data). This dataset contains 1077 extractive facilities.

The extractive Facilities shapefile shows polygon (area) locations of the site boundary as depicted entered on the web based system.

A SiteId field is included to show the site's individual code when the site was entered on the register.

The data includes site name, address, including townland and Local Authority responsible for enetering the site details on the web based system.